Rhode Island Yacht Club Destroyed By Fire

The historic Edgewood Yacht Club in Cranston, Rhode Island, was completely destroyed in a blaze that started early this morning (Wed., January 12).

No word yet on how the fire started, but it appears that no one was hurt in the blaze. Here’s a brief report from a Providence Journal story.

Projo.com: The Edgewood Yacht Club has burned to the pilings.

The yacht club has been consumed by fire, according to Andy Burkhardt, a neighbor who lives across the street from the club.

“It’s destroyed,” Burkhardt said. “Only the docks remain. There are literally people in tears.” He was speaking of about a dozen members of the club who had gathered nearby when they heard about the yacht club, which recently underwent a first-floor renovation.

The clubhouse, which is on 3 Shaw Ave., was founded in 1889, had been rebuilt after a fire in 1908, Burkhardt said.

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Crews in Cranston are on the scene of a fire at the Edgewood Yacht Club on Shaw Avenue.