RI Bill Could Ban Yacht Club Cannon Firing

Joe Trillio. Phot by wikimedia
Joe Trillo. Phot by wikimedia

The Narragansett-South Kingston Patch reports that Warwick, RI, State Representative Joe Trillo, who is suing the East Greenwich Yacht Club after they kicked him out of the organization last fall, has submitted a bill that could effectively ban the use of cannons in yacht club flag-lowering ceremonies. The bill proposes adding an amendment to the “unreasonable noise levels” chapter of the Rhode Island’s General Laws to include any sound in excess of 80 decibels “either hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or other consistent period if the noise or device can be heard within a 400’ radius from the location from which the sound is originated or located except for ceremonial noise emitted on an annual or semi-annual basis except for music or live entertainment consistent with city or town ordinances.”

Some boaters apparently feel the bill was filed by Trillo in revenge for his dismissal from the East Greenwich Yacht Club.

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