RI Fishing Leader Nominated for Award

RISAA president Steve Medeiros makes an announcement at the “2009 Take a Kid Fishing Day” event.

Steve Medeiros, president of the Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association, has been nominated for Sport Fishing Magazine’s annual “Making a Difference” award, which honors individuals who have advocated on behalf of recreational fishermen and have helped improved and promoted fishing opportunities. The nomination was submitted by New England Boating publisher Tom Richardson. To cast your vote for Medieros, or one of the other nominees, go to:

Sport Fishing Magazine’s Make a Difference Award:

Medeiros is one of the founding members of the Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association and has served as the organization’s president for 13 years. In that time Medeiros has helped RISAA grow to become the largest and best-organized recreational-fishing advocacy group in New England. RISAA now boasts 1,200 paying members and represents over 6,500 anglers via its 29 affiliated clubs.

Medeiros is a tireless supporter of sportfishing interests in the state, and has helped shape RISAA’s community-minded agenda.

The group has:

  • Helped fight for and protect shore access for fishermen
  • Given sport fishermen a place at the political table in the state
  • Helped ensure that the new license-fee funds be used to support recreational fishing
  • Initiated clean-ups of coastal areas used by fishermen
  • Rallied members to turn out for important state and federal meeting where fisheries management issues are at stake
  • Created a “Take a Kid Fishing Day” that helps city kids enjoy the water and the outdoors (last year’s event saw 85 members volunteer their time and boats)
  • Launched a successful fishing show that attracts marine-related business and fishermen from all over New England* Offers special fishing outings that introduce kids to fishing
  • Launched a campaign to create more artificial reefs in RI state waters
  • Fought for the protection of key forage species such as menhaden and herring
  • Pushed for stricter penalties for fisheries violators
  • Worked to forge relationships with commercial fishing interests to protect key species

Aside from his duties with RISAA, Medeiros has served on the R.I. Marine Fisheries Council as a recreational representative for the past 10 years. He has also have served on dozens of state boards and commissions and stakeholder groups concerning Rhode Island marine waters, Narragansett Bay and recreational fishing.

Three years ago, Medeiros received an award from the R.I. House of Representatives “in recognition of dedicated, committed and enduring service to recreational fishing and preservation of our environment and helping to protect menhaden.”

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