Right Whales off Nantucket Prompt Speed Reduction Zones

North Atlantic Right Whales | National Marine Sanctuaries photo, Flickr.com

NOAA Fisheries announces that a voluntary vessel speed restriction zone (Dynamic Management Area, or DMA) has been established 11 nautical miles southwest of Nantucket, MA to protect an aggregation of 6 right whales sighted in this area on March 20, 2018. This DMA is in effect immediately through April 4 2018.

Mariners are requested to route around this area or transit through it at 10 knots or less.


Mariners are requested to avoid or transit at 10 knots or less inside the following areas where persistent aggregations of right whales have been sighted. Find out more about ship strike reduction efforts.

Southwest of Nantucket, MA DMA; in effect through April 4, 2018

41 28 N
40 47 N
070 45 W
069 46 W


Mandatory speed restrictions of 10 knots or less (50 CFR 224.105) are in effect in the following areas:

  • Cape Cod Bay SMA in effect through May 15, 2018
  • Block Island SMA in effect through April 30, 2018
  • New York, Philadelphia and Norfolk SMA kn effect through April 30, 2018