Rockland, Maine, Looks to Expand Harbor Park

Knox Village Soup: A tsunami of change is being recommended for Rockland’s waterfront Harbor Park.

SAT view of Harbor Park.

A report from the Harbor Park Redesign Committee calls for construction of a boardwalk that would extend from the current one and continue along Harbor Park, construction of an amphitheater, shifting parking to along the seawall with the addition of green space, and creating a separate entrance for the public landing where boats dock.

The Rockland City Council discussed the recommendations at a meeting on February 28.

The report notes that there is no recommendation on how to pay for these changes.

Harbor Park was initially created in the 1930s as part of a Works Progress Administration project. Prior to that, the site had been a city dump site. The harbor began attracting more recreational vessels starting in the 1970s when the sewage treatment plant was built and most raw sewage ceased being dumped in the harbor. The closure of fish plants and their conversion into offices and marinas have also fueled an increased use of the harbor. The number of moorings in Rockland Harbor, for example, has gone from 87 in 1990 to about 550 today.

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