Sailboat Beached in Portsmouth, Rhode Island

Photo by Dejan Radeka.

New England Boating was clued in by Rhode Island sailor Dejan Radeka about this 2-masted wooden ketch that has been sitting on McCorrie Point, on the eastern shore of Aquidneck Island off Portsmouth, for the last several weeks.

Through the help of the Portsmouth harbormasters office, we were put in touch with the vessel’s owner, 19-year-old Douglass Deleone, who purchased the boat last summer for $3,000. His plan was to fix the boat up next season and live aboard it. Deleone, who grew up around boats, explained that the boat is a 1974 Privateer built in Nova Scotia. She has mahogany planking, teak trim and oak ribs, as well as numerous custom features. Sadly, Deleone says that people have been boarding the boat since it dragged its mooring during an early-November northeaster and stealing everything they can take. “I came out to the boat one day and there was a guy taking the cabin doors,” said Deleone, who lives near McCorrie Point. “I asked him what he was doing and he said that he was taking them for his boat and that he had salvage rights.” He added that thieves have taken every piece of electronics on the boat, as well as the copper wiring.

As for the fate of the stricken boat, Deleone doesn’t have the money to pay for its removal, and officials have given him until the end of next week to come up with a plan. He said that he’d gladly give the boat to anyone who was willing to have it hauled or towed, and would hate to see it dismantled. Deleone can be reached at

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