Salem, MA, Looks to Improve Coastal Tourism

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The Salem News reports that Salem, Massachusetts, mayor Kim Driscoll is making a push to generate more business and revenue for the city’s waterfront by improving access to, from and around the harbor.

The plan involves improving the Blaney Street Ferry Landing (recently purchased from the powerplant) to welcome small cruise ships, and also to move ahead with the long-awaited Salem Wharf project. The city has also received state funds to dredge the South River basin, which runs along a new harborwalk between the Congress Street Bridge and Lafayette Street.

Driscoll even appointed a new “Port Development Manager”—none other than Russ Vickers, former owner of Hawthorne Cove Marina, which was sold last fall to Brewer Yacht Yards.

“We now recognize we don’t have great highway access, but we have a great waterfront,” Mayor Driscoll was quoted as saying. “And if we can find a way to connect our economic development needs with our harbor, we ought to do it.”

The city’s waterfront goals include expanding public access, establishing a commercial pier for whale-watch and charter boats, and generating more revenue for the city.

Here’s an excerpt from the Salem News article:

It may seem that Mayor Kim Driscoll has eyes only for “land-side” developments like the $106 million state courthouse and the proposed MBTA garage, but of late she has been casting longing glances at the deep blue sea.

Two weeks ago, the mayor and other city officials flew to Seattle to meet with representatives from Holland America Line, a major cruise company that stops at New England ports.

Recently, she created a new part-time position — port development manager — in the hope of generating more business and revenue for the city’s waterfront.

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