Salem, Mass, to Purchase Ferry Landing

The city of Salem, Massachusetts, is set to buy the ferry landing pier and property from Dominion Energy. Photo Illustration by Savash Kalay

The city of Salem, Massachusetts, has announced plans to purchase the Blaney Street Ferry Landing for $1.7 million. After receiving ownership, the city hopes to acquire federal and state funding to expand the pier to accommodate commercial vessels and small cruise ships. The end goal is to expand the “seaport” of Salem and boost economic development in the city, according to Salem mayor Kim Driscoll, who was quoted in the “Salem News.”

Salem, Massachusetts Chart

The Blaney Street Landing is currently owned by Dominion Energy New England, which also owns the Salem-based powerplant next door. What does this mean for local boaters? Not much, it seems, except to make the harbor and approaches a busier place. Recreational boats will not likely be allowed to tie up or otherwise use the pier. There may also be some interference caused by work barges and equipment during construction, although that remains to be seen. Sale of the Blaney Street Landing is expected to be finalized in about a month.