Saunders Restaurant in Rye Harbor, NH, Razed

Saunders Restaurant from Rye Harbor, 2009. Photo by ## Scott Goodwin##

Seacoast Online reports on the demise of popular waterfront restaurant Saunders on Rye Harbor, New Hampshire. The restaurant demolition began Monday to make room for luxury housing. With the demise of the restaurant, Rye no longer offers any waterside dining options for boaters. Read more…

Seacoast Online: The popular waterfront restaurant was torn to the ground Tuesday, just over two months after it closed its doors for the last time. In the not-too-distant future, the building that had stood in one form or another for decades will be replaced by a residential subdivision with four lots—2 at 21,096 square feet and 2 at 40,028 square feet.

At the time of the restaurant’s last day on Labor Day, 38-year restaurant operator Doug Zechel told the Herald it was going to be tough to say goodbye to the property. He said he planned to explore the building’s attic and auction off belongings so that those who long made the restaurant a summer destination could have a piece of Saunders.

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