Scenes from the Helen Johnstone Regatta

Photo by ## Louise Wales Field##

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This past Saturday was a celebration, despite the dubious weather. What do you do when someone you love passes away unexpectedly and way to early?

Family and friends. Photo by ## Louise Wales Field##

You can suffer in silence, or you can celebrate! In the case of Helen Johnstone, the latter is absolutely the appropriate choice.

The Johnstone family is to boating what Ford is to automobiles (mostly sailing, but now powerboats). Starting with the very first J-24 built by Rod Johnstone (Helen’s uncle) and continuing to today’s scenario where the J-series of sailboats is known nationwide, the Johnstone name is synonymous with performance sailing.

Photo by ## Louise Wales Field##

This past Saturday (September 24) was the 4th anniversary of the Helen Johnstone Memorial Regatta held in Newport, Rhode Island. Family and friends came out to celebrate Helen’s life, by doing something that she enjoyed—sailing! It is only appropriate that the celebration took place on J-22s with old friends racing as the committee members looked on from one of the Johnstone’s new-generation MJM powerboats.

Photo by ## Louise Wales Field##

That some of the players are legendary champions in the sailing world is a wonderful coincidence. It makes our last-place finish even more comfortable, summoning up the age-old question and answer:

“Did you have fun?”


“Well, then you won!”

Here’s to Helen and all of the folks who came together to race, have fun, and celebrate her life.

Photo by ## Louise Wales Field##

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