Schooner SoundWaters Announces SoundVision Sail Trips


Join Save the Sound and the Long Island Sound Study’s Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) for one of the following SoundVision sail events:

  • Bridgeport, CT – Monday, August 15
  • Old Saybrook, CT – Wednesday, August 24
  • Mystic, CT – Saturday, August 27

The schooner SoundWaters is an 80′ replica of a Chesapeake Bay sharpie schooner, and it sails with students of all ages. Based in Stamford, Connecticut, the schooner gives children and adults a chance to haul sails and pull in a trawl net, observing marine life of the Sound. Teachers can choose 4 learning station options, from saltmarsh to weather.

The mission of SoundWaters is to educate children and adults about the wonders and beauty of Long Island Sound and its watershed. Through education, SoundWaters provides people with an understanding and awareness of the changes they can make in their lives and communities to restore, protect and preserve Long Island Sound and the Environment.

Education at SoundWaters offers a wide array of educational opportunities for students from kindergarten to college. Programs are offered aboard the schooner SoundWaters, at the SoundWaters Coastal Education Center, and at classrooms and field sites throughout the area.

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