Sea Tow Foundation Receives Donation for Loaner-Lifejacket Program


The Sea Tow Foundation announced it has received a donation of $4,000 from Marshall & Sterling Insurance in Poughkeepsie, New York. The Foundation, which was established to help promote safe boating practices, plans to use these funds to purchase additional life jackets for its national Life Jacket Loaner Station Program, which provides boaters in need with life-saving PFDs.

“Through our common vision and goal of marine safety, Marshall & Sterling Insurance is proud to support the Sea Tow Foundation,” said Joe Davis, Sales Executive, Marshall & Sterling Insurance. “We gratefully recognize the Foundation’s extraordinary efforts to promote best practices on the water, and marine education for all.”

Sea Tow Foundation Executive Director Gail R. Kulp, CAE, said, “The Sea Tow Foundation is very excited and appreciative of the generous donation from Marshall & Sterling. The money will be used to purchase life jackets as we move into our 5th year of providing Life Jacket Loaner Stations throughout the U.S.”

These Life Jacket Loaner Stations, which are located in marinas and near boat ramps for easy access, hold life jackets provided courtesy of the Sea Tow Foundation that boaters may borrow to replace missing or damaged personal flotation devices (PFDs), or use for extra guests on board their boats. The life jackets are available in a variety of sizes, including children’s sizes. The U.S. Coast Guard requires all children under 13 years of age to wear life jackets while on the water. Boaters may find if there is a Sea Tow Foundation Life Jacket Loaner Station in their boating area by CLICKING HERE (PDF file).

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