Seaweed Farming Could Mean Business for CT

Photos courtesy Ocean Approved

The Hartford Courant has run an article on the seaweed-growing work of Charles Yarish and Paul Dobbins, founders of Ocean Approved, which currently grows and harvests kelp off the coast of Maine for sale to restaurants and specialty food stores.

Yarish tells the Courant that the waters off other New England states, including Connecticut, could also support large-scale seaweed farming operations, which he sees as a boon to both the environment and the local economy.

Here’s an excerpt:

“The waters in the eastern Sound, he explained, are cleaner than in the western Sound, and therefore better for the gracilaria, kelp and the other seaweed types growing in his lab. His mature seaweed plants, however, are thriving in a research plot about a half-mile offshore from Bridgeport Harbor.

“His down-coastal connections to Avery Point also reach the labs of two marine sciences professors based there, Senjie Lin and Jamie Vaudrey. Vaudrey is studying Long Island Sound embayments that could benefit from the pollution filtering functions of seaweed farming, while Lin’s work entails DNA and gene structure analysis to help identify the best seaweed strains for cultivation for particular areas and purposes.”

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