Shellfish Farming on Rise in New England

Shellfish Farming on Rise in New England
Inset photo/Salem State

Boston Globe: By the time the sun rose on a chilly November morning, Matthew Moretti and his 2-man crew had steamed into Casco Bay, tying up alongside 3 square rafts bobbing in calm waters. Clambering onto the planks, they began hauling 35-foot ropes from the deep, each laden with hundreds of pounds of slate-gray mussels.

“Demand is huge for rope-grown mussel,” said Moretti, co-owner of Wild Ocean Aquaculture, which grows and sells the branded Bangs Island Mussels. “It’s way bigger than we have been able to fill.”

Moretti’s business represents what marine biologists, federal officials, and some fishermen say may be the future of New England’s seafood industry, one that increasingly raises, rather than catches, shellfish and finfish.

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