SI-TEX SVS-650: A High-Tech, Affordable Sounder

The new SVS-650 Digital Sounder from SI-TEX is a compact, affordable color LCD unit with professional-grade features for hardcore anglers. The dual-frequency (50/200 kHz) SVS-650 features 600W output and a 6.5” high-definition display that’s viewable in direct sunlight, making it ideal for open boats. The unit’s vertically oriented 450-by-750 pixel display provides maximum resolution, allowing for excellent target separation.

The SVS-650 meets IPX7 waterproof standards (can withstand submersion for 30 minutes) and features large controls, including a large rotary knob for adjusting gain and STC (to minimize surface clutter from plankton or air bubbles).

In addition to eliminating unwanted noise and providing the clear images, the SVS-650’s digital design delivers superior fish detection and bottom discrimination in any water depth (the depth scale ranges from 10 to 4,800 feet). Advanced features such as the new White Line/Black Line Bottom Discriminator help separate bottom-hugging fish targets from the seabed.

The unit’s wide range of display modes includes Normal (Single or Dual Frequency), Bottom Zoom, Bottom Lock, Shift, Split Screens and Depth/Temperature/Fish Alarms. With optional GPS input, the SVS-650 offers GPS position, Waypoint Steering and Navigation Highway modes, along with a 10-Event Point Memory that allows the operator to instantly save a fishing location and follow a return steering course to the spot. The SVS-650’s easy-to-use Snap Shot feature lets the user save and store up to 10 sounder screens in its memory, providing a useful archive for future reference.

Range and gain can be set to Auto or controlled manually, allowing for independent adjustment of each frequency. The user can also select Auto or Manual Shift control, or an advanced Auto Mode that instantly adapts to changing seabed and water conditions to provide full “hands-free” operation.

Price: $749