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Simrad Yachting has introduced the next-generation, solid-state Broadband 3G Radar. Building on the award-winning technology used in the Simrad Yachting BR24, the world’s first recreational marine frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radar, the 3G offers twice as much RF transmit power and 30 percent more range and target detection than the BR24. The new radar detects small boats and channel markers at greater distances without compromising its exceptional close-range radar capacities, according to Simrad Yachting.

The Broadband 3G offers a range scale down to 1/32 nautical miles, and marks objects within 6’ of the boat. It also transmits at 1/20,000 the power of traditional pulse radar (less than 1/10 the energy of a mobile phone), and needs less power to operate. Other innovative features include advanced clutter rejection and rapid cold-start and InstantOn, which enable the radar to power up instantaneously from standby. In addition, the Broadband 3G supports chart overlay, display networking, MARPA and True Motion Rader Display to distinguish moving vessels from fixed objects or landmasses.

Shown: 3G left, BR24 right

The Broadband 3G’s 18” radome weighs 16.3 lbs. and installs quickly with an easy-to-route 0.5”-diameter scanner cable. Drawing only 19 watts of power during operation and 2 watts in standby, the Broadband 3G has an operating temperature range of -13 to +131 degrees F and can operate in winds up to 100 knots. The radar transmits on the X-band with a frequency of 9.3 to 9.4 GHz and has a sweep rotation frequency of 200Hz. Its antenna has a peak power output of 165mW. The radar is waterproof to IPX6 standards and protected by a 2-year parts and labor warranty.


$1,699 (available June 1)

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