Simrad HALO Pulse Compression Radar

Halo-4_WLight side view HR PRG

Simrad’s new HALO Pulse Compression Radar is the first high-performance, solid-state, open-array radar system with pulse-compression technology suitable for the recreational market. Combining the advantages of broadband radar and traditional pulse radar systems, HALO can detect returns as close as 20’ (within the pulse radar’s short-range “blind spot”) while offering long-range performance out to 72 nautical miles.

In Dual Range mode, HALO functions as 2 radars in one with no signal loss, monitoring 2 distance ranges simultaneously with independent display controls. Custom, Harbor, Offshore, Weather, and Bird modes tune HALO’s advanced signal processing to ensure targets are seen vividly, even in the challenging environmental conditions. The Dual Range mode with HALO also means dual MARPA target tracking. Up to 20 targets can be tracked simultaneously, displaying the closest point of approach and time to closest point of approach for each.

NSSevo2-16_HaloRadar Screen on NSS HR PRGUnlike traditional pulse radars, HALO does not rely on a high-powered magnetron or vacuum tube to transmit a signal. This allows the radar to produce a crystal-clear, accurate image instantly from standby and in 16 to 25 seconds after power-up.

A rugged, helical gear-train construction coupled with HALO’s brushless motor ensures quiet operation at any speed. This motor design also makes it less likely to wear out or need servicing, which can be required with traditional pulse-radar mechanical systems. In addition, solid-state technology means compliance with the latest, low emission and radiation standards, making it safe to run HALO in anchorages and marinas. In fact, HALO is radiation safe to people within the swing circle of the array on all models. In Standby mode, power consumption is only 6.5 watts, versus 10 or 15 watts for traditional pulse radars.

With its low power consumption, support for 12- or 24-volt systems and availability in 3’, 4’ and 6’ open arrays, HALO is idea for small- to mid-sized powerboats. HALO connects to any Simrad NSS evo2 or NSO evo2 multifunction display system via Ethernet, with a bulkhead-mounted RI-12 interface box below deck. Antenna installation has been simplified, utilizing the same thin cable and small-diameter connectors as the Broadband 3G and 4G radar systems.

The HALO pedestal is lit with a soft-glow, blue-LED accent light. This light is integrated into the pedestal, and it can be customized with a 4-level brightness control that provides an attractive display.

The new Simrad HALO Pulse Compression Radar is scheduled for availability from authorized dealers in 2015. The 3’ array is priced at $4,500; the 4’ model is $5,000, and the 6’ array is $5,500.



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