Small Connecticut Boat To Race Sailing Goliaths

A sailboat from Mystic, Connecticut will be outmanned and outsized as it sets off on a transatlantic ocean race this week. But its two-man crew is still confident.

The 40-foot Dragon will be co-captained by Rob Windsor and its owner, Mike Hennessey, when it sets sail today from Newport, Rhode Island, in Transatlantic Race 2011 — a 2,975-nautical-mile race to Lizard Peninsula, off the south coast of England.

According to an article on, 26 ships will compete in the race, which has been in existence since the late 1800s. This year, Hennessy and Windsor will be the only two-man crew — sailing the smallest ship in the race — as they compete against other vessels with crews of more than 20.

In preparing for the race, the two have made roughly 250 upgrades to the boat since early winter. Hennessey says that considering preliminary weather patterns, they’ll likely head north and try to use potentially strong winds off the coast of Nova Scotia to power their sails.

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