Soundkeeper Founder Honored

Terry Backer, founder of the Long Island Soundkeeper program, received this year’s recipient of the David S. Dunavan Norwalk Harbor Stewardship Award, presented by the Norwalk Harbor Management Commission at its annual meeting on December 7.

Soundkeeper, which was established in 1987, is dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the biological, physical, and chemical integrity of Long Island Sound and its watershed.

“(Backer) is probably the most prominent and celebrated (figure) for Long Island Sound that there’s ever been in terms of the establishment of the Soundkeeper organization and what he’s accomplished,” said Geoffrey Steadman, planning consultant for the Norwalk Harbor Management Commission.

Backer issued this statement on the Soundkeeper website following the award ceremony:

“This award is an honor. There was a very complete history read aloud from t he inception of the Connecticut Fishermen’s Association in the mid-‘80s all the way to birth of Soundkeeper in 1987. Even an impressive list of our most recent accomplishments. While the award was given to me I share it in spirit with all our supporters, contributors and like-minded souls, all of whom made the last 24 years of Keeping the Sound possible. I am most proud of the Waterkeeper Alliance, which I help create and grow. There are now over 200 Keeper organizations on 6 continents in 20 countries or more. All begun on the principals and practices forged here on the Sound. Keepers work to keep it working.”

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