Storm Trysail Club Block Island Race Results

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Even though it moved along at only 5 knots for several hours and briefly “parked” 3 times when the wind switched off completely, George David’s (Stamford, Connecticut) Rambler 100 broke—by 42 minutes and 45 seconds—Boomerang’s 2002 record in the Storm Trysail Club’s Block Island Race, held over Memorial Day Weekend.

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The 186-nautical-mile race, a Long Island classic that has been held annually for 66 years, started on the Friday afternoon of Memorial Day Weekend and sent 59 boats in 8 classes (6 IRC and 2 PHRF) on a course from Stamford, Connecticut (where host Stamford Yacht Club is located), down Long Island Sound, clockwise around Block Island, and back. Rambler 100 finished early Saturday morning after sailing for just over 15 hours and 43 minutes, while the last boat finished Sunday afternoon just after 4 p.m.

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Breaking the record despite some light breezes may have had much to do with Rambler 100 being 20 feet longer and 10 tons lighter than Boomerang, with a mast 30 feet higher to harness more wind aloft, but the accomplishment also had sentimental meaning for David. “We had three runs at it with the 90-footer (Rambler), so we’d have to say we were looking for it,” he said.

About the Storm Trysail Club

The Storm Trysail Club, reflecting in its name the sail to which sailors must shorten when facing severe adverse conditions, is one of the world’s most respected sailing clubs, with its membership comprised strictly of skilled blue water and ocean racing sailors. In addition to hosting Block Island Race Week presented by Rolex in odd-numbered years, the club holds various prestigious offshore racing events (among them the annual Fort Lauderdale to Key West Race and the Pineapple Cup Montego Bay Race); annual junior safety-at-sea seminars; and a regatta for college sailors using big boats.

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