Students Help Restore Bristol, RI, Creek

Bristol Harbor, (Insets) Students from Mt. Hope High School participate in Silver Creek Program, photos/Save Bristol Harbor. Until this school year, the three Mt. Hope High School seniors hadn’t realized, or even considered, for that matter, the importance of Silver Creek. It was just some brackish water across the street from Sip ’n Dip Donuts that sometimes smelled bad.

Lauren Deschenes, Lindsey Benevides and Cassidy Goff will graduate next month with a better appreciation for Silver Creek and Bristol Harbor. They learned the importance of the Silver Creek watershed by spending the past nine months traipsing through mud, braving winter winds and swatting mosquitoes.

The 3 girls and 15 other students from Christine Bean’s science class visited an area of Silver Creek behind the VFW on Hope Street every few weeks. There, they meet up with Rob Hancock and Bob Aldrich of Save Bristol Harbor and Kati Maginel, a Save The Bay educator. They were taught how to monitor, observe and protect this vital watershed. They got their hands dirty planting salt-marsh grasses and their hands wet collecting water samples.

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