Summer Fish Kills Likely in Peconic Bay

Photo taken from Suffolk Times Facebook page
Photo taken from Suffolk Times Facebook page

Suffolk Times: An official study of last summer’s fish kills in the Peconic River, which were attributed to a variety of factors, confirmed that the biggest culprit was nitrogen-fed algal blooms, according to the state Department of Environmental Conservation.

And as local leaders scramble to integrate new, cleaner systems to handle nitrogen runoff and minimize seepage into local waters, the study warned that the events of last summer could repeat themselves.

“What can be certain is that given the current state of eutrophication [pollutant runoff] in the river, algal blooms and diminished oxygen levels will continue to be the norm,” the report stated. “If the waters are warm enough for anoxia to develop and a body of fish are present, another fish kill is likely to occur.”

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