Thames River Winter Striper Seminar

On November 29, Capt. Al Anderson, IGFA Representative for Rhode Island and skipper of the charterboat “Prowler”, will present a seminar on the winter striped bass fishery that occurs in Connecticut’s Thames River.

Steph Cramer's fly rod striper, typical of what can be caught on the Thames River (January 2009). Bill Krueger (background). Photo RISAA.

Each year thousands of stripers spend the winter in the Thames, providing a unique off-season fishery for hardy New England anglers. In this informative seminar, Anderson will describe why stripers winter-over in the Thames and where they come from. He’ll also detail some of the popular techniques for catching them.

Additionally, Anderson will also discuss his tagging project (he has now tagged and released more than 16,000 winter-over bass), recapture areas, problems encountered and much more to help the angler understand the biology and behavior of this great game fish.

If you’re a striper addict, would like to catch stripers in the middle of the winter, and are interested in tagging fish for science, this is a seminar you don’t want to miss.

Anderson will have copies of his newest book, “Over-Winter Striper Secrets”, available for purchase.

The seminar is sponsored by the Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association (RISAA), and the general public is welcome to attend. Non-members are requested to make a $10 donation to the RISAA Marine Fisheries Scholarship Fund.

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