The Riptide Starts Now!

Big bass will be one of the early-season species covered by Terry on The Riptide. Photo by ## Tom Richardson##

Capt. Terry Nugent needs no introduction to followers of, On-The-Water, The Hull Truth,, Stripers Online and most other fishing websites and publications. You’ve also probably seen him in action on TV shows, videos and on stage at the many seminars he gives around the region at boat shows, fishing shows and for various angling clubs.

And now he has his own home right here on New England Boating!


We’re excited to announce the debut of The Riptide, a new blog that will serve as Terry’s place to post videos, photos, how-to tips, upcoming appearances and, of course, his ever-popular fishing reports. Those of you familiar with these reports know that while Terry may not give away the GPS coordinates of the places he finds fish, he’s more than forthcoming about tips, tools and techniques. You can learn a lot if you pay attention.

We look forward to traveling vicariously with Terry (and maybe even as crew) in the months ahead as the season gets under way. As always, we’ll let you know when new content is posted by Terry at the end of every day on Facebook, Twitter and via email, as well as each month if you sign up for our free monthly newsletter.

So stay tuned to New England Boating for more wild adventures with Riptide Charters. It’s going to be an entertaining season!

Tom Richardson

Publisher & Editor

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