Torqeedo Introduces Electric Twin-Cruise Outboard System

Torqeedo Electric Engines

The Torqeedo Cruise electric outboard offers the highest overall efficiency on the market today, according to the company. Now boaters can double the power of the Cruise with the company’s new Twin-Cruise. Twin-Cruise enables electric propulsion to be used for pontoon boats up to 24 feet, and will even plane vessels weighing up to 600 pounds. It’s also great for planing-hull tenders and sailboats.

Available in 2 versions, the Twin-Cruise 2.0 offers 8 horsepower and operates on 24 volts, while the Twin-Cruise 4.0 supplies 16 horsepower on 48 volts. The Twin-Cruise 2.0 weighs up to 77.2 pounds and the 4.0 has a maximum weight of 81.6 pounds.

Using 4 of Torqeedo’s new Power 26-104 batteries and a high-speed propeller, the Twin-Cruise 4.0 can push an 18-foot carbon-fiber center-console boat weighing 600 pounds up to 16 mph at full throttle. At half-throttle, it can run for 3 1/2 hours and at a 10 mph cruising speed has a 20-mile range, according to the manufacturer’s own tests.

Each Twin-Cruise comes with a twin throttle display that shows the battery-charge status, remaining range, speed over ground and input power for each motor. The motor is designed for connection with a standard remote steering system and comes with a guide tube that runs through the transom bracket, as well as a link arm for a single motor. Also included is a connection bar to attach the steering of the 2 outboards in the twin-motor set.


Torqeedo Videos:


Cruise 4.0 R with highspeed propeller


The video features the outstanding test results of twin Torqeedo Cruise 2.0R outboard motors powered by super safe “lithium-imanganese” battery technology on the new Blue Planet 32 catamaran, from

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