Torqueedo Improves Cruise Electric Outboards

Torqeedo’s next generation of Cruise tiller-controlled electric outboards offer improvements that make them stronger, faster and more efficient.

A new display on the tiller shows information regarding battery charge status, remaining range, speed over ground and input power. The new Cruise models also offer a 4 AWG, plug-and-go cable set, including fuse and main switch. The outboards’ proven drivetrain provides superior power and range from limited battery capacities. Fully waterproof to IP67 standards, these models can be used in both fresh and salt water.

Operating on 48 volts and delivering 8-9.9 hp, the 4.0T motor only weighs 40 pounds. The smaller Cruise 2.0T operates at 24 volts to deliver 5-6 horsepower and weighs 39 pounds. Both models are offered in short- and long-shaft versions.


  • Cruise 2.0T: $3,299
  • Cruise 4.0T: $3,799

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