Trailer Storage Tips

Launchng the Pursuit at Yarmouth Boat Yard
New England Boating TV’s Pursuit being launched from at Yarmouth Boat Yard.

When storing your boat for the winter, don’t forget the trailer! This key part of the boating experience needs some TLC to keep it in good working order for next season. Here are some items to pay attention to:

Add fresh grease to the jackstand.
Add grease to the jackstand.

* Apply grease or a metal-protection spray such as Boeshield T9 or Corrosion Block to the bunk rollers and light harness.

• Grease the winch gears, coupler-latch assembly, brake actuator rollers and jackstand.

• Top off the brake-actuator reservoir with brake fluid.

• Check for loose bolts and tighten as needed.

Add fresh grease to the wheel bearings
Add grease to the wheel bearings.

• Sand off any rust spots on the trailer frame, then prime and coat with galvanic paint.

• To help prevent theft, park the trailer with the tongue facing towards a house, garage or outbuilding  (if possible). Also consider placing a lock on the trailer hitch or wheels.

• Cover the tires (including the spare) with tire covers, or remove the tires and store them inside to prevent sun damage. If you leave the tires on, consider jacking up the rig to keep the tires off the ground to prevent dry rot and flat spots.

• Pack the wheel bearings with grease.

• Don’t park your rig under large trees that may shed branches in a storm or drop leaves and needles in your boat.

Apply dialectric grease or an anti-corrosion spray to the light harness to guard against corrosion.
Apply dialectric grease or an anti-corrosion spray to the light harness.
Don't forget to grease the brake actuator rollers
Don’t forget to grease the brake actuator rollers.
Grease the coupler assembly.
Grease the coupler assembly.