UNH Marine Science Program Attracts Students


Ocean Discovery Day/UNH photo
Ocean Discovery Day/UNH photo

Seacoast Online: Any financial adviser would say it is essential to invest in the future. For the University of New Hampshire marine program, the need to look forward is as essential. There has to be students to carry on the research when the time comes.

“We need young people to be interested in these fields,” said Tara Hicks Johnson, head of outreach for the Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping. “It’s investing in your future workforce.”

The UNH School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering, N.H. Sea Grant, UNH Marine Docents and the Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping hosted Ocean Discovery Day on Saturday. At the Jere A. Chase Ocean Engineering Laboratory, children and adults could dissect squids, drive remotely operated underwater vehicles, or ROVs, and have hands-on interaction with state-of-the-art scientific equipment.

“We want to promote this research and get it out to the general public,” said Sally Nelson, who led the event. “We hope people become more aware of the marine environment.”


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