Vesper WatchMate 850 is Stand-Alone AIS

Vesper Marine, a leading manufacturer of innovative marine-safety products, announced its stand-alone dedicated collision-avoidance display, the WatchMate 850. The compact WatchMate 850 offers an easy-to-read display, simple button-driven menus, built-in GPS antenna, best-in-class AIS receiver and powerful Class B AIS transponder. The unit transmits a vessel’s name, size, position, speed and course over AIS channels while simultaneously displaying the timely information needed to interpret potential hazards and plan accordingly.

WatchMate 850 employs a unique filtering algorithm that eliminates screen clutter and false alarms. A target-prioritization process plots crossing situations and shows oncoming vessels that pose the greatest collision risk. The 850 also displays target information for approaching or crossing vessels, including name and call sign, to aid in communication. Selectable boating profiles allow users to easily switch between pre-defined filter and alarm settings. Profiles include in harbor, nearshore and offshore.

Simple to install, the device can be bracket- or flush-mounted, requires only power and connection to a VHF antenna, and features a waterproof USB port. All WatchMate devices display Class A and Class B vessel position, voyage data, navigation aids, AIS safety messages, meteorological and hydrographical information (where available) and are capable of tracking friends on the water.

The 850 measures 8.9” wide by 5.3” high by 3” deep, and incorporates an uncluttered, easy-to-read 5”, daylight-viewable grayscale LCD (320 x 240 pixel) screen with adjustable backlighting. The low-power system uses less than 3 watts and features a 12/24 VDC power supply. It is waterproof to IPx7 standards and protected by a 1-year limited warranty.

Price: $1,100


Vesper Marine

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Vesper Videos:


This video shows the basics of how the AIS WatchMate by Vesper Marine helps avoid collisions. The video is an animation showing how AIS can be used around islands and headlands. The video introduces the AIS WatchMate and demonstrates what happens when a collision is imminent.


This video shows how filters within the AIS WatchMate by Vesper Marine help to remove clutter from the display. This is particularly valuable when operating in crowded shipping areas where other AIS displays either exceed their limits or cover the screen with icons. The filtering capability of the AIS WatchMate allows you to view only the vessels that are the highest collision risk. The video also demonstrates how the AIS WatchMate shows targets in a priority fashion making it easier to identify which targets pose the greatest collision risk.