In September 2013, Tom Richardson, Parker Kelley and the rest of the New England Boating TV crew traveled to Wickford, Rhode Island. During our visit, we hooked up with local fishing guru Capt. Dave Monti, who showed us some of his tricks for targeting big fluke in the waters of lower Narragansett Bay.

We fished one of Monti’s favorite spots—Austin Hollow off Beavertail Point, in the West Passage of Narragansett Bay. A deep trench here holds big fluke in the late season, and Monti goes about targeting them with big baits.

Tom Richardson, Parker Kelley and Dave Monti.

Tom Richardson, Parker Kelley and Dave Monti.

As you’ll see in the accompanying video, Monti prefers a slow drift (wind and tide in the same direction are key) and fishes a special “fluke cocktail” comprising whole baitfish, squid and fluke belly rigged on a large Kahle hook. He hops this concoction over the bottom on a 3-way rig and waits for the fluke to climb aboard.

The proof is in the pudding, as they say, so check out the results for yourself. You’ll learn a lot about fluke fishing in the process.

Watch the entire Wickford, Rhode Island, episode of New England Boating TV.

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