Vote for Your Favorite Coast Guard Video

The U.S. Coast Guard is asking boaters to vote for their favorite Coast Guard videos of 2010. A team combed through the more than 600 Coast Guard videos from 2010 to select 11 finalists for this year’s contest.

Since December 21, the Coast Guard has posted one of the videos on its website each day, along with commentary from a member of the Coast Guard unit involved in the featured mission. All 11 videos will be available for viewing on December 31. Voting will stay open until January 10, 2011, and the top 3 videos will be announced on the Coast Guard website on January 11.

Coast Guard Top 11 Videos of the Year:

WASHINGTON – Coast Guard announces 2010’s Top 11 videos of the year, December 20, 2010. The 11 videos symbolize the service’s 11 mission areas and highlight the operations and people of the U.S. Coast Guard from 2010. Visit or for more information.

To view the individual already released videos:

As you watch the videos, you can cast your vote via the following methods:

*Note that YouTube and Facebook will require you to sign in using your personal account.

Although you can vote for multiple videos, you can only “like” the video once, so you might want to save your vote until after you’ve viewed all the videos. In determining the winners, each method will be weighted equally, worth 1/3 of the total vote.

How do you feel about the selections made by the Coast Guard?

Which video is your favorite? Please share your comments with us in the space below.