VT Seeks to Simplify Fishing Regs

Recognizing that numerous and often confusing fishing regulations can be a barrier to fishing participation, especially to new anglers, the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department is seeking ways to make the state’s fishing regulations simpler and easier to understand, while still maintaining the biological protections needed to conserve fish populations and provide quality fishing opportunities.

As part of the simplification process, some regulations are proposed to be deleted while others will be merged and consolidated. Additionally, the annual Vermont Fishing Guide & Regulations book, which is the primary way in which Vermont’s fishing regulations are provided to anglers, will go through a major revision to increase clarity and understanding of fishing regulations.

For example, as constructed now, the Fishing Guide & Regulations book contains 11 different regulation tables, while the revised version is proposed to have only three. A reduction in the number of waters where special regulations are applied will also shorten the Index of Rivers and Streams and Index of Lakes and Ponds sections.

A significant change resulting from these proposed changes is that anglers will be able to fish most Vermont waters at any time of the year with artificial lures and flies, if they practice catch and release, with the exception of a few seasonally closed waters or areas with special regulations. These actions will increase angling opportunities while maintaining most biological protections.


Virtual Meetings Planned

The department will be holding the second of two public informational meetings to introduce this concept proposal package. A presentation will be given at each meeting followed by a question and answer period.

Join the meeting on Wednesday, November 18, 2020; 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm