Weed Control Slated for Silver Spring Lake, RI

The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (DEM) is advising the public that Silver Spring Lake in North Kingstown will receive the first of 2 treatments to control infestations of invasive weeds including variable water milfoil and fanwort this week. The weed control treatments are specifically targeted for the weeds that infest the pond and do not harm fish or other aquatic species. 

Solitude Lakes Management LLC has been contracted for 2 weed control applications, using the herbicides Reward and Clipper. The first treatment will be applied on Wednesday, June 13, and the second is slated for the fall of 2018. Residents are advised to avoid fishing and other recreational activities in the pond at those times; signs will be posted with information about temporary water use restrictions.

Silver Spring Lake fishing access, boat ramp, and the Shady Lea Grove fishing access and picnic area are owned by DEM and are popular with anglers and boaters. This lake is stocked with trout several times during the year. However, the Department will not be stocking additional trout until treatments are concluded for the year.

Weed infestation is a nuisance to anglers and can affect proper management of freshwater ponds. To help control the spread of invasive species, the use of external felt soled or any natural or synthetic porous material capable of absorbing water in any freshwaters in Rhode Island is strictly prohibited. This includes any waters shared with adjacent states in which Rhode Island fishing regulations apply. For more information or to purchase a fishing license, visit www.dem.ri.gov.