Wellfleet Harbor Dredging Underway

The Army Corps of Engineers is currently dredging the channel to Cape Cod’s Wellfleet Harbor to a MLW depth of 10 feet.

It is the first major dredging of the harbor and channel in 57 years, and is long overdue, according to many local boaters. Phase 2 of the dredging, which will focus on the inner harbor, will be done by a contractor, likely over the span of two years.
  • Federal Channel Dredging will be performed by the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) using a dredging contractor. This work will be performed from October 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020. The channel will be dredged to 10 feet deep and 125 feet wide. The work area will also include 30 feet on each side (3:1 slope) of the 125 ft. channel. The estimated quantity to be removed is 156,000 CY.
  • Harbor Basin – the harbor basin dredging is expected to be jointly funded by the state and the town. The amount of state funding is not yet determined, and therefore the Town’s cost is not fully known. The dredging work itself will be performed by a dredging contractor, under contract to the Town. This work is expected to be performed over two seasons.
  • “Piggyback dredging”: If time and weather conditions allow, some Town dredging may be performed in December 2020, after completion of the channel dredging by USACE. The specific area would be from the channel to the boat ramp. The estimated quantity to be removed is 56,000 CY (of the 433,000 CY total). Piggyback dredging in 2020 would provide the important access from the launch ramp to the channel and help mitigate the challenge of dredging 433,000 CY in only two seasons.