Yamaha’s New V6 4-Strokes Are Lighter, Faster

Yamaha has just announced a ground-breaking line of 225 to 300 hp 4-stroke outboards that combine lighter weight than previous models with significantly increased piston displacement, producing faster acceleration without supercharging.

The company’s published Performance Bulletins support those claims. Credit for increased displacement with lower weight goes to “plasma-fused sleeveless cylinders,” which eliminate the need for iron cylinder liners, but do not increase the size of the powerhead. The 300-hp model is particularly noteworthy because it becomes at once the lightest 4-stroke engine in its power class (and only 30 pounds heavier than its primary 2-stroke competitor), yet also offers the greatest piston displacement by far. The new engines will be available on Yamaha’s boatbuilding partners’ hulls this summer.


  • Horsepower:  225, 250, & 300
  • Piston Displacement:  4.2 liters
  • Weight:  558-571 lbs. (25” & 30” shafts)
  • Price range:  $23,125-$25,975