Yamaha VMAX SHO 4-Strokes are Lighter, Faster

Yamaha recently launched a new series of 4-stroke outboards that outperform the company’s already popular VMAX Series 2 engines. Called the Yamaha VMAX SHO, the family of outboards includes 250-, 225- and 200-horsepower models that are ideal for inshore bay boats and skiffs.

Here are some highlights and features:

  • F250C

    Faster out of the hole and to plane than the Yamaha VMAX Series 2

  • Broader power curve for smoother acceleration and performance than VMAX Series 2.
  • Achieves higher speeds over a measured distance than VMAX Series 2.
  • Engines based on an all-new 4-stroke, 4.2-liter V6 powerhead that provides the best power-to-weight ratio in its class.
  • Throttle valve is 15 percent larger than that of the previous 3.3-liter, 4-stroke Yamaha V6.
  • Larger intake and exhaust valves and variable camshaft timing.
  • High-performance lower unit has substantially larger water pickups than the than those used on the VMAX Series 2.
  • Powerhead uses plasma-fused sleeveless cylinders instead of steel sleeves to provide a durable surface for the piston rings, resulting in a smaller, lighter engine.
  • Sleeveless cylinders result in better heat transfer between the cylinder walls and the cooling system, resulting in more efficient cooling.
  • The VMAX SHO is 34 pounds lighter than 2-stroke predecessors. No production V6 fishing outboard of equivalent horsepower, 4-stroke or 2-stroke, is lighter.
  • Advanced composite cowling is nearly 15 percent lighter than a cowl made of more typical fiberglass.
  • Lightweight composite engine pan made of sheet-molded compound (SMC). It is 59 percent lighter than an aluminum pan, and provides greater protection against corrosion.
  • Mounting bracket is 15 percent lighter than the bracket used on the VMAX Series 2.
  • Lighter exhaust system, lower unit and alternator.
  • Burns less fuel than the VMAX Series 2 (about 12 percent less on average).
  • Micro-textured cylinder walls help “trap” oil and create less friction. This also saves on fuel.
  • Three-year limited warranty.
  • Three-star rating for ultra-low emissions from California Air Resources board (C.A.R.B.).


  • MSRP of the VMAX SHO 250 is $21,870

Yamaha Video:


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