Yanmar Unveils Dynamic 8LV V8 Diesel

Yanmar’s new 8LV continues the company’s tradition of building diesels with excellent horsepower-to-weight ratios. The 8LV is a compact 4.46-liter, twin-turbo V8. It’s EPA Tier 3-compliant, and is offered in popular 320-hp and 370-hp models at a dry weight of 992 pounds, delivering the powerful benefits of diesel engines in both inboard and sterndrive configurations.

The 8LV’s twin turbocharger and common-rail fuel injection result in outstanding acceleration and fuel economy. This high-torque engine produces a broad power range, from 550 rpm at idle to 3800 at top end. Smooth operation comes from a hydraulic clutch. Drive systems include the KMH50 series down angle or V-drive, as well as Yanmar’s new ZT370 dual-propeller sterndrive.

The 8LV is the first engine to utilize Yanmar’s own CAN-bus vessel control system, the Yanmar VCS. Inclusive of controls, full-color digital displays with NMEA 2000 or J1939 gauge output, and all cabling and wiring, the system was developed by Yanmar to meet the company’s high standards of quality and dependability.

The optional Yanmar joystick (due out mid-2011) allows the helmsman to execute 360 degrees turns, as well as sideways and diagonal movement.

Low noise and vibration levels, combined with simple installation and service, make the 8LV ideal for a variety of boats up to 45 feet. It’s also excellent for repowering, offering the benefits of diesel engines over similar-size V8 gas models.

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