Lowrance Elite Ti2

Lowrance’s next-generation Elite Ti2 delivers enhanced high-resolution sonar, wireless networking and Bluetooth call/text message display, as well as host of other features.

Active Imaging Sonar offers outstanding clarity and range. A 3-in-1 sonar solution, Active Imaging combines Lowrance CHIRP sonar, with Side and DownScan Imaging, allowing anglers to quickly search fish-holding structure, and enhances FishReveal with higher-level clarity and target separation. Simple to use, without the need to change frequencies while fishing in most conditions, the Active Imaging 800 kHz setting provides crystal-clear detail with uncompromised range. For anglers needing to see farther than 120 feet, Active Imaging can also operate at the 455 kHz frequency.

Other highlights include:

  • Wireless Networking

Now featuring full connectivity without the hassle of cable installation, Elite Ti2 offers anglers the ability to wirelessly share sonar and charting between two displays, as well as sync waypoint data, and the display’s network configurator allows for quick and easy setup.

  • Bluetooth Calling and Text Notifications

Offering greater convenience on the water, Bluetooth notifications on Elite Ti2 allow anglers to keep their phones stored in a safe location while still receiving incoming call and text notifications. Android features include incoming text message display and reply, new message and message template creation, and access to message history and call logs. iOS features include display of incoming text messages and call log.

Lowrance Elite Ti2 is available in 7″, 9″, and 12″ display sizes, and various charting and transducer bundles.

Price: $649 – $2,069

For more information visit www.lowrance.com.