15 Questions to Ask Before Launching Your Boat

Ask yourself these important questions before launching!

  1. Boat Keys
    Can you find them?
  2. Bilge Plug
    Did you install before launching? Do you have a spare onboard?
  3. Fishing License
    Did you buy one (for fresh and salt water)?
  4. Air Horn
    Does it still work?
  5. Running Lights
    Are they functioning properly and do you have spare bulbs?
  6. Boat & Trailer Registration
    Are they up to date and stickers applied to hull and tags?
  7. Kill Switch Lanyard
    Do you have one onboard?
  8. Through-Hulls & Hose Clamps
    Are through-hulls in good shape; are hose clamps rust-free and functioning?
  9. Outboard Mounting Bolts
    Are they secure?
  10. Flares
    Are they within the listed expiration date (and what did you do with the old ones)?
  11. Personal Location Beacon
    Does the battery need to be replaced (can it be 5 years already!)?
  12. VHF
    Can you transmit and receive?
  13. Bilge Pump
    Does it work….automatically?
  14. PFDs
    Do you have spare PFDs onboard for unexpected guests or if you forget them at the house?
  15. Tow Insurance
    Got it? You’ll probably regret it if you don’t.