2011 Archipelago Rally Enjoys Great Weather, Turnout

Small sailing vessels of every type prepare for the Rally start in Wickford Cove. Photo by ##http://cayelectronics.com/## Rufus Van Gruisen, Cay Electronics##

The annual “just for fun” small-boat sailboat race known as the Archipelago Rally, held this year on Wickford Cove, Rhode Island, went off without a hitch, thanks to another dose of amazing fall weather and the generous host family of Tracy and Ezra Smith.

Rally organizer Chris Museler, who helped found the event 6 years ago as a way for old sailing friends and their families to keep in touch, was ecstatic over the turnout at what has become a classic end-of-season sailing event in southern New England.

This year's Rally saw many families sailing together. Photo by ##http://cayelectronics.com/## Rufus Van Gruisen, Cay Electronics##

“The group at this year’s Rally actually surprised us,” said Museler. “There were 28 boats sailing and 29 children sailing. This was the first year there were no children left on the beach. In 2006, there were 2 infants, a bunch in bellies, a toddler and a 12-year-old who did not sail. All of that original group sailed in the Rally this weekend. The dynamic has shifted, and we couldn’t be happier. The Rally has become one of those few times where adults and children are truly sharing an experience.”

Below are the results and links to images from Rally photographers Tracy Nan Smith (Flicker Photo Gallery) and Rufus Van Gruissen (Archipelago Photo Gallery 2011).

Video of the Rally, shot by competitor Abby Tuthill.



  • Broken Head Perpetual: Zani Family and Moxie Mills
  • Last Place: Shaver Family (Remember All-Americans have won this!)
  • All Family: Downey Family
  • Lonely Loon Award: Maya Mills/Olin Guck, Maile Rose/Tracy Smith, The Colantuano Family
  • Furthest Traveled: John from Hudson Valley, NY
  • Vintage Rallier: Peter and Eleanor Rose Alarie
  • Pine Needle Award: Annie and Abigail Tuthill

Finishers by Place, Boat Type and Boat Name (Crew in parentheses):

  1. The Rally experienced excellent conditions for the second straight year. Photo by ##http://cayelectronics.com/## Rufus Van Gruisen, Cay Electronics##

    Black Dog 9 (Father, 2 Sons, BFF)

  2. Bug (Father, Daughter)
  3. CD 10 “ICM” (Father, Daughter)
  4. Smith 9 “Leaky” (Father, Son)
  5. V 15 (Mother, Father, Daughter, Son, BFF)
  6. Swampscott Dory (Mother, Father, Daughter, Adult Friend)
  7. Beetle Cat “Mole Minder” (Mother, Father, 2 Daughters)
  8. Optimist 658 (Solo 9yo)
  9. Dyer Dhow White “South” (Father, Daughter)
  10. Zuma (Two Grown Men)
  11. NoKeel.com 13 (One Grown Man)
  12. Dyer Dhow Modified (Our Host)
  13. Mirror Dinghy “Dark Knight” (Mother, Father, 2 sons)
  14. Snark (Super Cool Vintage Guy)
  15. Int. 470 (Mother, Father, Son [family of Optimist 658])
  16. Penguin Red (Father, Daughter)
  17. Penguin White (Father [crew], Son)
  18. Dyer Dhow Blue (Father, Son)
  19. Laser Orange (2 Sisters)
  20. Mellon Seed (Father, Daughter, Son, Uncle)
  21. Blue Peter (Father, Daughter, Son)
  22. 16/30 Canoe (Solo NY Cool Guy)
  23. Dyer Dhow Blue/Yellow (Tristan and G4 Radical!)
  24. Laser 331 (Father [Hollywood], Daughter)
  25. Sport Boat Keeler (Father, Son, Adult Friend)

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