Weego Portable Jump Starters

Weego Portable Jump Starters


Never let a dead battery ruin your boating day again! Weego, an innovator in portable battery solutions, announced the launch of its Weego Jump Starter Battery+ for the marine market. A compact and portable jump starter, the Jump Starter Battery+ eliminates the worry of a dead battery, for as little as $99.

The small, high-powered Weego Jump Starters feature a lithium-ion battery, which only lose about 2% of its power per month, so you won’t have to worry about keeping the unit charged.

JS6.5_HR[1]The pocket-sized Weego is capable of starting boats, cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs and more, as well as charging phones, tablets, speakers and other USB devices. Each Weego model includes jumper cables that can be attached to the terminals of a dead battery. Easy-to-follow instructions are printed on the back for quick reference. To use, simply connect the clamps to the battery terminals, connect the cable to the Jump Starter Battery+, turn the power on and start the engine. A built-in LED flashlight assists in low-light situations and a strobe with SOS function draws on-the-water or roadside attention if needed. A 3-in-1 USB charging cord, 8 popular-brand laptop connectors, wall and car chargers, and a carrying case are included.

Weego Jump Starters are offered in 3 sizes.

* The JS6 Standard ($100) is capable of starting gas engines up to 4.6L and diesel engines up to 2.4L


Constructed with durable, high-quality components, Weego features built-in circuitry protection, an auto-off feature, and jumper cables with both a fuse and diode to ensure user safety, as well as protection for the unit. Weego jump starters offer up to 1,000 charging cycles (a full charge plus full discharge), have an operating temperature from -4 to 140-degrees Fahrenheit (-20 to 60-degrees Celsius), are independently lab tested, and are backed by a leading 18-month warranty.

Watch a video of the Weego in action.

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