Gannon & Benjamin Owner Sails to Cuba

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Gannon & Benjamin Marine Railway The day after Thanksgiving, wooden boatbuilder Nat Benjamin and a crew of 4 set sail from the Island of Martha’s Vineyard for Cuba, with a planned 1-month stop in Haiti. The 1,550-mile, open-ocean journey in Mr. Benjamin’s Island-built schooner Charlotte traversed time and culture, and rekindled Mr. Benjamin’s love of Cuba, a nation he first visited 14 years ago.

Mr. Benjamin, a well-known wooden boatbuilder and a partner in Gannon and Benjamin Marine Railway, brought wooden boatbuilding supplies and sails for local Haitian boatbuilders, and donations from Islanders for the children of L’Oeuvre St. François d’Assises, an orphanage, a hospital, and a school on Ile a Vache that is the lifework of Sister Flora Blanchette, who takes in all children.


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