Aging Wooden Dragger Denied Mooring in Bremen, Maine

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The Lincoln County News reports that the Bremen Board of Appeals has voted to uphold the harbormaster’s decision to deny issuing a permanent mooring permit for the wooden, Eastern-rig fishing vessel Columbia, now owned by Doug Wood and currently moored Bremen’s Greenland Cove.

According to the NewsHarbormaster Melanie Osier-Gilbert provided documentation to the Board of Appeals upholding her claim that mooring a vessel the size of the Columbia is inherently unsafe in any location in Bremen waters. She also showed that the current location of the Columbia in Greenland Cove is exposed to high winds and waves, especially from the south, and that the vessel obstructs a navigation channel, particularly as it swings on its single mooring.

Gilbert also pointed out that the Columbia has significant structural issues, has no ability to move on its own, has no power to operate pumps and remove bilge water, and is not insured as required by the town.

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