Allison Cole Nautical Bracelets

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You don’t need to own a boat or even live near the ocean to appreciate the relaxed, nautical style of an Allison Cole bracelet. Designed by Hanover, MA, native Nicole Recomendes, the collection features bracelets made with maritime rope and sleek anchor clasps.

“I spent a lot of time on our family boat as a child, so that’s where my eye for the nautical style comes from and why I love working with rope so much,” says Recomendes.

Always a fan of handmade fashion accessories, Recomendes launched a website 2 years ago that featured jewelry made by small designers. The experience of working with the artisans inspired Recomendes to try her hand at making her own designs.

She launched Allison Cole Jewelry in May of 2015 and makes each piece by hand at her home in Westchester, NY. The bracelets come in a selection of colors, from traditional navy, white or red to elegant black or ivory with metallic gold cording accents. One of her newest designs features navy cotton rope and a silver-plated half-hook closure.

Allison Cole Jewelry