Aqua-VU HDi Gen2 Underwater Viewing Systems

Aqua-VU has unveiled its new HDi Gen2 underwater viewing systems featuring numerous upgrades that make it easier to see fish and bottom features.

The cameras on all four units feature 1080p HD optics and special video software that allow the units to capture underwater features and fish in remarkable detail and clarity. TrueColor Technology auto-adjusts the camera’s white-balance and adds natural colors to the image. The software helps project a truer image by removing heavy color casts, such as red or green hues that often highlight algae and other suspended particulate, and even clarifies the image in stained or tannic water.

Additionally, the HDi Gen2 cameras use an enhanced multipoint exposure, which makes suspended and backlit targets—such as distant fish or your lure—easier to see.  The camera differentiates color contrast between fish and cover, so anglers can more easily spot fish hiding in grass or timber, even in stained water or imbalanced light conditions.

Aqua-Vu has also upgraded its optics with a prescription-grade OptiRX lens, which has a smoother surface and much clearer prismatic finish, reducing image distortion.

On the display end, HDi Gen 2 systems project a super-bright image on the LCD screen, utilizing up to 2,200-nits for maximum visibility in sunlight. A new Power Saver feature delivers 40-percent more run-time, particularly when viewing in lower sun conditions, such as inside an ice fishing shelter.

Aqua-Vu HDi Gen 2 models include HD10i Pro, HD10i, HD7i Pro and HD7i. All four HDI Gen 2 Series cameras include Aqua-Vu’s patented XD Camera Housing, compatible with all Aqua-Vu XD accessories. Each system comes complete with a Super-Bright 7” or 10” LCD, 75- to 125-feet of camera cable, built-in adjustable infrared (IR) lighting, and a 12-volt battery with charger. All HDi Gen 2 Camera Systems are ice-fishing ready, as well as RAM Mount compatible for direct in-boat wiring.

Price: $600 – $1,000