Archipelago Rally Enjoys Great Weather, Attendance

The 2010 Rally drew an amazing variety of small sailing craft. Photo by ## Tom Richardson##

New England Boating traveled to Bristol, Rhode Island, last Saturday (Nov. 13) to check out the festivities at the 5th Annual Archipelago Rally, held on the Kikemuit River off Mount Hope Bay. The Rally was started by a group of college sailing friends led by Chris Museler and Ezra Smith, who came up with the idea of holding a casual sailing event that would also serve as a way to catch up with old friends.

Rally location
Rally honcho Chris Museler checks off names at the captains meeting. Photo by ## Tom Richardson##

While holding the Rally in mid-November is risky in terms of weather, any earlier would conflict with the schedules of sailing coaches. And besides, as Smith put it, “By November everyone’s over the burn-out of summer sailing and ready to get on the water again.”

Fortunately, conditions for this year’s Rally couldn’t have been better, with bright sunshine, air temperatures in the lower 60s and a light northerly breeze. The sailors and their families began arriving and launching their various craft at around 10:30. When all the boats were rigged and ready, Museler held a captains meeting and outlined the course—a counterclockwise loop around the lower Kikemuit (the Archipelago Rally usually involves circumnavigating some type of island, but in this case the organizers had to settle for rounding a large rock). After that, the different divisions were given the signal to start and the Rally was on.

Plenty of Beetle Cats were on hand to compete. Photo by ## Tom Richardson##
This Cape Cod Frosty was one of the many boats that sailed in the November event. Photo by ## Tom Richardson##

This year saw 28 boats competing in the event, with about 80 people attending—a Rally record. The fleet included nearly every imaginable type of small sailing craft, including Dyer Dhows, Sunfish, Penguins, Beetle Cats, Hobie 14s, sailing canoes, a Bug, a Cape Cod Frosty and a seldom-seen vessel called a Sea Snark.

The first boats finished the course in about an hour. Claiming first place and the Broken Head Perpetual trophy were Kevin Downey, Pipa Downey and Claire Lewis, who sailed a Penguin.

Burgers and hot dogs were served after the event, along with free beer provided by Block Island Brewery. Overall, the Rally participants couldn’t have asked for better weather, especially in light of all the gale-force winds New England has experienced lately. What next year brings remains to be seen, but it would take a lot to cancel what has become a firmly entrenched sailing tradition.

Archipelago Rally Video:


Race Results:

  • FIRST PLACE: (Broken Head Perpetual): Red Penguin, Kevin, Pipa and Claire Lewis Downey
  • LAST PLACE: Dyer Dhow, Dejan/Tristan Radeka and Geordie Shaver
  • VINTAGE RALLIER: pre-1973 Dyer Dhow, Ezra Smith (Honorable Mention: 1975 Snark, Jed Pearsall)
  • PINE NEEDLE: Staysail/jack topsail Daysailer, Yarrow Thorne and Will Lippitt—Team Providence Community Boating Center
  • LONELY LOON: Cape Dory 10, Jay Miller
  • TOP ALL FAMILY: Vanguard 15, Victoria, Lars, Olin and Avery Guck with Mills Girls

Order of Finish

  1. Red Penguin, Downey
  2. White Penguin, Worthington/Nicolau
  3. BUG, Zani
  4. Smith 9, Matt and Jake Smith
  5. Orange Beetle, Fallon/Renzulli
  6. Vanguard 15, Guck, Guck, Guck, Guck/Mills, Mills
  7. Dyer Flyer, Museler
  8. Canoe, Lu Yoder
  9. Sturdy Cat (name unknown)
  10. Dyer Dhow, Smith
  11. Sunfish, Marcaccio/Marcaccio
  12. Nesting 17, Hill, Hill
  13. Zuma, Jolicoeur/Connelly
  14. Cape Cod Frosty, Ween
  15. Red Beetle, Largay/Fallon/
  16. Feeny 12, Feeny, Feeny
  17. Windsurf Longboard, Tuthill
  18. O’Day Daysailer (mod), Yarrow/Will
  19. Sailfish, Vangruissen/Tuthill
  20. “ICM” (CD 10), Museler/Museler
  21. “Fancy” (Mellon seed), Wheeler, Wheeler, Wheeler, Wheeler
  22. Yellow Beetle, Gonsalves/Gonsalves, Smith/Smith
  23. Snark, Pearsall
  24. “Dinkus” (CD 10), Sarnowski, Sarnowski, Sarnowski
  25. Kona Longboard, Ely
  26. White Beetle, Smith/Smith, Gonsalves
  27. Dyer Dhow, Radeka/Radeka/Shaver
  28. (DNF) Cape Dory 10, Miller

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