Article Defends Fisheries Management Process

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Fly Fishing in Salt Waters has a thoughtful piece by conservation columnist Capt. John McMurray on making sense of the fisheries management process—and why it isn’t all bad.

Here’s an excerpt:

Just about every time that a size or bag limit, commercial quota, etc., has been put in place, there’s been much wailing and gnashing of teeth. In recent years, the response has become worse.

This is mostly because after decades of political pressure to overfish, we are finally rebuilding the great majority of fish stocks, and there has been some real pain involved. As a result, there is growing unrest on not only the commercial side, but the recreational side as well. Simply put, some fishermen are getting frustrated by regulations preventing them from keeping as many fish as they would like. They wonder how government has the right (or nerve) to tell them how many fish they can catch, let alone where, when and how they can catch them. With the current anti-government sentiment infecting public discussion, such unrest has gained traction.

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