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Poseidon, Copenhagen courtesy Wikimedia.’s Karen Jewell has an article on superstitions and boating. Here are a few:

  • Never change the name originally christened on a yacht. If you do, the sea gods will become angry and your vessel will be doomed for all of eternity.
  • A fishing boat can be crippled if the ship’s mascot happens to lick its fur in the wrong direction.
  • If the ship’s cat decides to climb onto the rigging, the vessel will undoubtedly sink within hours.
  • Bad luck omens also include placing a loaf of bread upside-down in the galley, whistling on deck, losing a bucket over the rail, bringing bananas on a fishing excursion, and stepping on or off the boat with your left foot.
  • Good luck can be summoned by wearing an earring made of gold to prevent drowning, sticking a knife in the mast to discourage high winds, donning jewelry made of coral to deter the threat of lightning and hail, tossing an old pair of shoes overboard just after launch for good luck, and touching the collar of a sailor.

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