Article Details Harvard-Yale Rowing Rivalry

Scene from the Thames (photo Harvard) Inset, Yale Crew (2007) photo/Wikipedia

An excellent article by Jenna Cho on describes the 152-year-old rivalry of the Yale-Harvard rowing clubs, who are scheduled to square off tomorrow in the 146th rowing regatta on Connecticut’s Thames River. Here’s an except:

They travel an hour away from campus, but when members of the Yale University heavyweight crew team drive down Hurlbutt Road and onto Riverside Place, they know they’re home.

As at Christmas, seasonal decorations come out to greet the team: a blue-and-white oar propped above the garage at the Franzones’ home, the “Row Well Yale” sheet hung at Margo Sewall’s. And always, painted on the tiny riverfront street, home to nine residences including the Bulldogs’: “Go Yale Go.”

The annual Harvard-Yale Regatta (or Yale-Harvard Regatta, depending on whom you talk to), which Harvard won Saturday, is a time of year the neighbors of 2 Riverside Place look forward to almost as much as the two schools’ oarsmen, who have been coming for generations to train for the oldest intercollegiate athletic event in the country.

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