B&G Zeus MFD a Powerful Sailing System

Zeus from B&G is powerful new multifunction navigation display (it recently received the National Marine Manufacturers Association Innovation Award at the Miami International Boat Show) features dedicated functions designed specifically for sailors, offers full integration with GPS, Broadband Radar, Automatic Identification System (AIS), weather, entertainment and digital switching.

Available in 2 models, Z12 and Z8, the Zues system is designed to give sailors unique benefits such as visual indicators of where to tack/jibe to make the maximum progress along their intended course, direct overlay of GRIB weather data, WindPlot and TimePlot histograms, and more. Both Zeus units feature ultra-bright, sunlight-viewable displays, fast chart-redraw speeds, intuitive user interfaces and extensive performance features that make them the ultimate navigation solution for sailing cruisers and club racers.

Zeus offers seamless compatibility with B&Gā€™s H3000 instruments to provide GRIB weather-file display and animation, along with true wind speed and direction, and barometric pressure. Users can scroll through forecasts to plan navigation consistent with conditions. The tactical chart overlay depicts sailing laylines and indicates best and worst layline positions, allowing sailors to make better-informed navigation decisions. The system also displays a powerful WindPlot histogram, ideal for analyzing breezes, and a TimePlot histogram that provides a time-based log display including depth, barometric pressure and boat speed for trend tracking.


  • Z8: $3,700 (8ā€ display)
  • Z12: $5,000 (12ā€ display)

Contact Information:

  • B&G
  • (800-628-4487)

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